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Tools and targets of fake news on internet and social media pages
None of the Internet users and social media pages are aware of the extent of lying and fraud in the internet world that we have reached toda...
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Possess of Feeling, and ways to control emotions
Feelings and emotions are an essential part of our daily life, some of which happen frequently, such as laughing at a text message or a funn...
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Between nostalgic moments and memories
AWRAQ Com1 30 November 2020
Why does the past captivate us between moments of nostalgia and memories despite the fact that the past was not in the lives of many people ...
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Intellectual maturity, what it is and what it is related to and how to be intellectually mature
AWRAQ Com1 24 November 2020
  Intellectual maturity, what is it and what is it related to? What is intellectual maturity? Intellectual maturity is defined as the arriva...
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Motivating Yourself,  Steps and Strategies for Self-motivation
AWRAQ Com1 23 November 2020
  It is very nice to find someone who constantly motivates you in your life as members of your family, teachers, friends, or managers, but w...
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5 Activities for children.. fun and useful
Guiding the child through play to acquire new skills and develop old ones is a great idea that makes many parents look for activities that a...
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Important advice for building successful family relationships
Continuing with the previous article,  Walk on the assets for getting a perfect social relationships... , which talk in general about social...
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