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Benefits of playing for children

It is said: "A mother who wants to understand her child must watch him play and hear his vocabulary. She wanted to strengthen his relationship with her by sharing his play."

Benefits of playing for children

Playing children is a good and natural thing, and inside their time, because they are children in a particular situation, or children, children, children, children, or children inside or outside the home, so play is a recognized international right.

He provides day care to his mom and dad and helped him grow.

What are the benefits of playing games that benefit children?

• Children's play improves physical health, such as increasing muscle strength and flexibility, stimulating blood circulation, increasing the efficiency of the respiratory system, in addition to increasing the body's immunity to diseases, all of which leads to the growth of a healthy body.

• Children play a lot of mentality, and it increases the benefits of focusing on work, stimulating thinking and creativity to find solutions to playing problems, in addition to increasing information and knowledge, whether during the child's discovery of the features of the surrounding environment or surroundings, or how to install games to know how the game works ..

• From a social point of view, playing the child's role increases the child's relationships with other children, neighbors and others. Of course, it leads to the development of his abilities, dialogue, relentlessness and conflict resolution, resolving solutions and resolving solutions. All this undoubtedly refines the personality and makes it more dynamic and flexible.

• Enjoying self-confidence, because of your beautiful appearance through the looks of beautiful pictures and wonderful at the same time.

• To develop a sense of help, among children, and to identify children's personalities, and to benefit from other children.

Important useful and safe tips for children:

• Keeping away from dangerous places, harmful places from play areas (such as knives, lighters, chemical cleaning materials ...).

• Focusing on (sports) play more than another form, because it has great benefits for the healthy development of the child.

• Banning the use of video games for children under the age of two, establishing a time plan and monitoring) for use by those who are older.

• Knowing what games please the child's psyche and trying to focus on them, and staying away from games that burden his psyche (such as intimidation, shouting, and the threat of police coming..).

• Encouragement to join games that contribute to values ​​and morals and avoid games that are not suitable for them (such as games of chance).

• The encouragement, the expression of admiration, and the cheerful one who curtails it. Children recount them with joy at what they have achieved.

• Leave the room for the child to choose what he likes to play as long as he allows you


 I advise you to try to share play with children, as this is one of the most important factors for improving children with adults and understanding, and through their participation in play it is possible to know the child's true personality (brave, cowardly, hesitant, careless, careful, intelligent, proactive, compassionate...), and then Work to develop the positive points of the positive point.

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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