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3 Chores to break the boredom and daily routine


Break the boredom and daily routine - Community Leavres

If you are one of those who feel bored while sitting at home, and if you are tired of entertainment, mobile and television and are looking for something to occupy your time with something useful, here are these three proven tips.

Three chores to break the boredom and daily routine

1 - Modifying and changing home furniture decoration:

Are you tired of looking at sofas, storage, and TV locations? Isn't it time to make a new home move at no cost?

So you have to change the decoration (Scenery), simply you can switch between places of things, and you can make some additions or simple modifications to the furniture such as changing colors and paint or adding lacquer to old wood, and fabrics and cardboard have beautiful uses, whether in making small pillows and table covers or making paper shapes for adults. And for children to be plastered on the walls, all this and others contribute to changing the shape of the room a lot.

Many people think that modifications, no matter how simple they are, require experience and a skilled worker to implement them. In fact, do not underestimate your personal skills and your vision for your home, and remember that no one loves this furniture and cares about it as you do, then you are its owner, and if you are unable to be creative, use the Internet pages and YouTube It is full of ideas and creativity in this field, and believe me, you will be surprised when you see that some creative people use things that you might usually throw to create furniture or art pieces that add additional beauty to the rooms of the house.

2 - Occupy yourself in farming:

Home farming is one of the most important work that occupies a person and keeps him away from boredom and boredom, because the constantly changing nature of plants makes you enjoy observing the wonderful growth stages, in addition to their need for your attention and care, so the more you are sincere with that interest and love for your plants, the more impressive the results will be.

For people who are beginners in agriculture, I advise you not to bring large quantities of plants at once, but some plantings are sufficient as a start, and I also advise not to buy all plants from nurseries, as many plants you can grow yourself, whether by seeding or seedlings, so believe me there is great pleasure when You take a sweat from the seed of one of your relatives or friends and grow it with you, and then you will succeed, God willing, and this thing is fully understood by those with experience in agriculture, but remember to take the ear of that relative or friend before cutting the sweat ... :)

3 - Home repairs:

Many or few household faults have been waiting for your concern for a long time, are you ready to meet its need for repair?

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for postponing home repairs is due to the relatively high cost of repair, so do not hesitate to try to repair yourself. Some faults are very simple, some do not require much experience, and some need relatively effort. As for skill, many faults do not need them. We need a good diagnosis of the malfunction, i.e. the problem, and this thing is widely available on YouTube or in the maintenance manual (catalog), for example, the electronic piece, and it needs the availability of some tools (hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws, pincer..).

Here, I advise that if you discover that the malfunction is big and need an expert hand and specialized tools and make sure of that, then seek the help of repair workers, that will be better, so that the mud does not increase in trouble.

Trust me, if you have enough time and are bored, home repairs will occupy you so that you will not feel the passage of time, on the contrary, you will need more time, especially to gain daylight.


Do not think that the abundance of entertainment such as cards, dice games, watching TV shows and movies, surfing the Internet and useless talks will remove the feeling of boredom and break the killer routine, believe me, all of this will soon turn into a very boring routine. You should always look for useful works that make you feel satisfied and self-worth when accomplished and proud whenever you remember them or whenever you see them in front of you, and specifically if their benefit is due to others, such as your wife who repaired her closet, or your children who helped them change the decoration of their small room, or your neighbors whom you gave some plants. the beautiful...

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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