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Google Meet application has become free and easy to use

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 Google Meet application has become free and easy to use

  Google recently released its new program for communicating via video calls called Google Meet, in line with the urgent situation for the continued work of companies and institutions during the Coronavirus (Covid19) crisis, as Google Meet was designed to allow meetings to be held on the Internet as it allows 100 people or more Communicate with each other in audio and video format, and (MET) can also be used to provide training and educational programs or conduct job interviews.

How to use:

For the computer:

The user does not need to download any special software or other add-ons, so he can run Google Meet through one of the known browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge).

For the person who runs the meeting (the meeting creator), he must have a Google account, which will invite friends or coworkers he wants in two ways, either by typing their email addresses and sending invitations, or by posting a link for the meeting and this wonderful feature allows Everyone who clicks on the link can join the meeting even if they do not have a Google account.

How to get to Google Meet:

There are three ways

Through the Google apps box in the upper corner of the browser.

Or by typing the link:

Or through a Gmail email, where the Gmail tab will appear in the side menu.

As for mobile:

To use Google Mate on mobile, whether (Android) or (I Pad - I Phone), we need to download the Google Meet application via the Google Store or Apple Store.

Important features of the application:

Safe connections:

 If we talk about security and encryption of communication, then Google remains the strongest company in terms of security, so you do not need to worry about hacking meetings and calls.

Number of meeting participants:

The number of participants in a single meeting varies according to the type of Google subscription, as follows:

For people who use a regular Google account, they can host a maximum of 100 subscribers, for free.

As for people or companies who own a Google package (G Suite) account that is paid with a monthly subscription, there are several options also according to the type of subscription within the package:

(G Suite) for Education or (G Suite Basic): They can host up to 100 subscribers.

(G Suite Essentials) or (G Suite Business): Can host 150 subscribers.

(G Suite Enterprise Essentials), (G Suite Enterprise), or (G Suite Enterprise for Education): can host 250 subscribers.

For more information about how to use and the features of Google Meet, you can visit the Google pages for help:

The home page of the application

Starting a meeting (communication)

Usage requirements

Download Google Meet mobile application from the Google Store

Prepared by Aram Saadia



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