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Happiness .. when and how do we feel it?


The happiness - Community leaves

Who among us does not suffer from tension and anxiety and is looking for happiness and reassurance in his life. Psychologists confirm that there is no unhappy person, but there are thoughts that cause feeling unhappy.

If you are not happy internally, you will not be happy externally, and if you are not happy as you are now, you will not be happy when you become what you want, and if you are not happy in your life now, you will not be happy in any life.

When do you feel happy?

Many people wait for something specific to happen to him so that he feels happy, and some people think that feeling happy is the result of success, but the opposite is true as success is the result of feeling happy, and this talk is indicated by reviewing examples from the life of celebrities such as "Elvis Presley." And "Dalida", for they possessed all they wished, achieved success and fame, and with that they were not happy in their lives and ended their lives by suicide.

Let us continue and say that there is no unhappy person, but there are thoughts that cause a feeling of unhappiness, and that if a person is not happy with his life, then he will not be happy with any life, there is no path to happiness because it is the way, so true happiness lies in the love of God Almighty.

Happiness is within reach:

Happiness is within our grasp, but we do not feel it because we look at what others have and we wish to obtain it and we are not satisfied with what is in our hands. If we want happiness, let our hearts be pure and do not bear hatred or grudge to anyone, and let forgiveness and tolerance be our principle in life. Let us look at the faults of ourselves and fix them and make Our goals are upscale and high and we are busy trying to achieve them.

We also point out that money is not one of the causes of happiness, because an increase in money is followed by an increase in spending and an increase in conflict and worries. Therefore, we must stop and ask ourselves why we are tense and anxious? We may find the reasons flimsy and unreal.

A life without tension:

The solution to de-stress is the treatment of anxiety, which is divided into:

Psychiatric treatment

It consists in identifying the causes of anxiety, restoring self-confidence, counseling, and counseling the person with anxiety.

Environmental treatment

It consists in modifying the bad environmental factors, seeking the help of God, tolerance and patience.

Likewise, controlling anger because it is a fire that burns the mind and the body and infects it with diseases, and controlling anger is very important for a person to succeed in his life, and therefore we must resist pressures with patience, ignore the haters and it is also important to move away from imitating others and find ourselves and be ourselves and look at things from On the positive side, we enjoy our life and do not disappoint ourselves in what we do.

reasons of happiness:

Happiness is represented in attachment to God Almighty by following His commands and avoiding His prohibitions, and adhering to higher values ​​such as honesty, honesty, love, tolerance, purity of intention and conscience, complete satisfaction with the judgment of God, awareness and appreciation of the inner pillars and internal forces and acting upon them, and balance in the seven pillars of life (spiritual, healthy, personal, Family, professional, social, material) with inner peace and psychological comfort, tolerance without conditions, giving without return, setting goals and achieving them, living in the present, and living with hope and optimism.

Seven laws of happiness:

The Law of Love: Everything stems from love.

The Law of Tolerance: It is the basis of abstract energy and without love there is no tolerance.

Gratitude Law: The best thing is gratitude.

The Law of Attraction: Anything you think about is attracted to you.

The Law of Abundance: You must give in order to receive.

The Law of Return: What you do is up to you in the same kind.

The Law of Cause and Effect: Any cause has an effect on you and those around you.

We must be keen on giving and giving, so it is perfect to see others have fun, and it is complete happiness to see others happy.

If you are not happy now, you will not be happy when you are what you want.

And if you are not happy with what you have, you will not be happy with what you get.

There is no path to happiness, happiness is the way.

True happiness lies in the love of God Almighty.

Happy Makers:

Chinese legend tells that an old man wanted to know the difference between happy and unhappy, so he went and asked one of the wise men, saying: Do you tell me what is the difference between happy and unhappy?

The wise man led him to a large palace, and as soon as they went down to the hall, they saw many people stretching out in front of them tables filled with delicacies, their bodies were thin and their features showed signs of hunger, and each of them held a huge spoon four meters long, but they could not eat.

The old man said to the wise man: I knew these were the miserable ones, then the wise man led him to another palace, which looked exactly like the first palace, and its tables were full of delicious food, and the seated were cheerful, showing signs of health, strength and activity. The old man even shouted, saying, These are the happy ones, but I did not yet understand the difference between these and those ?!

The wise man whispered in the old man's ears, saying: Happy people use the same spoons... They do not eat but rather feed each other, (I am the cause of misery) and (We are the path of happiness).

So, let us sit and think about the closest and closest of them, and let us be keen on giving and giving, so it is quite fun to see others enjoying, and it is completely happy to see others happy, for each of us has a lot and is able to give a lot of love, fun and a kind word.

Prepared by Izdehar Rahmow

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