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My experience with Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection


My experience with infection with the Coronavirus

God has blessed us with a cure for my children from the emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19), which has conquered the greatest countries and the most powerful health institutions in the world, this virus that revolved around it and still revolves around a lot of confusion and controversy between medical and political, and it was not satisfied with spreading panic and panic among peoples It has become a card that is used economically and politically as well.

My personal experience with Coronavirus

What is important here is a discussion of a subjective experience with the disease, and I will address this experience from several axes.

The first axis: before infection with the Coronavirus

The spread of the virus was accompanied by dense and varied information, and in fact, anxiety and obsession began to seep inside me, when I was following the news bulletins, because the virus is spreading rapidly, so I decided to work on the preventive side and prepare to confront the disease, and this helped me a lot when my children were infected. And I began to pay attention to the nutritional aspect as much as possible after I read that "the disease is resisted through the autoimmune system," by taking two basic steps.

The first step:

 Change the food culture by eating foods that contain vitamin C (such as watercress, lemon, oranges, green peppers), and drinking hot drinks such as (hibiscus, ginger with lemon, green tea).

The second step:

It was necessary to pay attention to the physical aspect by exercising regularly on a daily basis (such as walking in the early morning for at least an hour) in addition to taking some nutritional supplements.

The second axis: infection with the Coronavirus

There is no doubt that the previous preventive measures had a role in the body’s response and dealing with the symptoms that appeared at the beginning of the virus infection, such as high body temperature, weakness and general weakness throughout the body, pain (tingling) in the throat. Then we did not hesitate to report the case, out of our safety and the safety of others who had been in contact with them. After the tests were carried out, the virus was confirmed, and then we were isolated in shouting at home for 15 days.

The third axis: treatment of the Coronavirus

There is still no medical treatment, but there are measures taken by the patient, as mentioned previously, such as eating a complete healthy food that includes nutrients that help the autoimmune system resist the virus, and in fact during sanitary isolation we consumed a lot of hot drinks, and we did a good sterilization of personal tools for all family members Before and after use.

The fourth axis: the psychological state

There is no doubt that the disease is accompanied by very high psychological pressure and a state of fear, panic and anxiety, especially when you are contacted by everyone around you to inquire about "how did I get hurt?" and what are you doing?" And "What are your symptoms?"...

Praise be to God who has given us patience and strength to confront the Coronavirus (Covid-19), and as we know that psychological stress negatively affects the autoimmune system and therefore all negative thoughts must be stopped and expelled, and this is done by replacing them with positive thoughts through dialogue with oneself, and convinced of the weakness of the disease because it ends from Without treatment, it will disappear with soap and water, and the number of deaths compared to the number of injuries is small.

These measures helped us control and manage stress, and the suffering was from some negative phone calls, which were about inquiring about symptoms and complications, so I hope that people move away from asking the patient about symptoms and disease, that their communications focus on encouragement and raising the morale of the patient, and in general I say praise and thanks God has enabled us to face this disease with strong psychological toughness that helped us heal and recover.

Tips and advices to combat Coronavirus:

- Awareness must be raised and the patient should not be treated as a stigma, and I believe that this is the first step in treatment. Increasing awareness helps control and control the spread of the disease.

- Commitment to all precautionary and health requirements, adherence to home quarantine, maintenance of social distancing within the home, home ventilation and good sterilization.

- As long as there is no drug treatment for Coronavirus yet, and treatment depends only on the ability of the immune system, then the treatment is subjective and individual, so the food culture and the practice of sports activity must be changed.

- Not to use the term (social distancing) and replace it with the term (precautionary or physical distancing) because we are in dire need of social rapprochement and so that this does not affect in the future the communication between individuals and there becomes a problem related to poor community compatibility and adaptation, and institutions that deal with awareness and counseling must change this Labeled because it affects psychologically in the future.

With my best wishes for permanent health and safety for all.

Prepared by Izdehar Rahmow - Istanbul

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