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Benefits of reading are more than you think!

Designed by Aram Saadia

When was the last time you read a book or article?

Are you one of the many people who only read what has been published on social media?

Are you the type of person who finds reading boring or unhelpful?

If you are, then you are missing out on many wonderful benefits of reading.

The benefits of reading ... more than you think!

Here are some of the benefits of reading:

- Mental stimulation:

 Like any muscle in the body, the brain needs exercise to stay motivated and maintain its health and strength. Studies have shown that keeping the mind motivated can protect it from dementia and the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

- Relieve stress:

Regardless of the amount of tension you feel, preoccupation with reading will distract you and make it focused in the present, thereby reducing tension and making the body relax.

- Knowledge Increase:

 Reading increases the balance of our knowledge and fills our brain with information that can be useful later, and remember everything subject to loss and disappearance except knowledge.

- Vocabulary expansion:

 The more you read, the more you know about new words and vocabulary each time, which is in the interest of the individual in his work and his dealings with others and important personalities and others.

- Memory improvement:

When you read a book, you have to remember its content and connect the information and paragraphs to each other, so that each new memory you create forms new connections and pathways in the brain and strengthens the existing ones.

- Strengthens focus:

In our world today our attention is drawn to hundreds of things in a few moments, for example, in a period of 5 minutes, the average person divides his time between working on a task, checking e-mail, chatting with people via chat, monitoring Twitter, monitoring their smartphones, and interacting with co-workers. And all of this increases tension and distracts attention, when reading you focus on one thing, which is something that trains your brain to avoid distractions and focus, and this ability helps in performing other tasks that require focus.

- Strengthen writing skills:

 This goes hand in hand with expanding your vocabulary. Perceiving published and well-written works has a noticeable effect on improving writing skills, as observing the writing and expression patterns of other authors has an effect on a person's work.

- Enjoyment:

 Reading is fun, as it takes us to multiple and varied worlds, entertaining and enthusiastic at the same time, and it is free that may replace many of the means of fun in our time.

- Reading gives a new and different meaning and view of life:

 Reading exposes you to new things, new ways, new understanding, new information, new ways to deal with situations and new ways to solve them, while you read you understand things from a different perspective, it makes you aware of the world and understand it on your own in a different way, reading can help you discover your hobbies, and it can make you explore things It eventually becomes your career and your future success. Reading can help you understand yourself, help you accept changes in your life, and make you understand the positive aspects of life.

- Reading makes you smarter:

 It gives you the opportunity to search for topics and information that interest you and which may benefit from it, and by reading you train your mind and thus to become more intelligent.

- Reading sparks the imagination:

 When you read, you move to new and strange worlds. This thing fuels your mind and increases creativity.

If you have reached the bottom of this list, then you are now aware of the many benefits of reading, and as it is said "once you learn to read you will be forever free".

You can help others encourage them to read. The habit of reading is often considered an infectious habit, especially within groups of families, colleagues and friends.

Prepared by Tala Hourani - Psychologist



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