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Earth Day: important information .. Can I participate?


International Earth Day - AWRAQ Community Leaves

We passed Earth Day this year in exceptional circumstances, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has slowed down the movement of the wheel of life until it has become standing in many areas, and it can be said that the Earth has not known better days than the days of the Coronavirus crisis during several decades ago, in terms of low pollution rates Emanating from human actions, as we said that many industries, oil wells, mineral mines, occupations and transportation movements have stopped completely or partially during the long days of ban, and thus the earth, the environment, animals and plants have the opportunity to rest a little from human harm to them.

Earth Day

It is a day designated by the global community to show moral support for protecting the environment, and it was first organized on April 22, 1970, and the Earth Day Network Foundation is the owner of the idea, and today it organizes many events in most countries of the world.

The reason for setting this day:

The direct reason for setting aside Earth Day is due to the reaction of environmental and community activists in the United States of America to the oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969, where the spill of about 3 million gallons of oil resulted in the killing of about 10,000 dolphins, birds, marine, seals, sea lions, and many, of course. Of fish and small organisms that cannot be counted. Activists mobilized themselves to conduct awareness campaigns in universities, schools and popular gatherings to support the environment and educate people about it. So it was decided to celebrate Earth Day for the first time in the United States of America in the year following the oil spill accident, i.e. April 22, 1970, and that was the unremitting efforts of peace activist John McConnell, then US Senator Gaylord Nelson, and his assistant, the environmentalist Dennis Hayes.

Then associations and institutions around the world interested in protecting the environment began organizing Earth Day events until the year 1990, when this occasion became global and its celebrations were organized by a state.

2020 is the golden jubilee of Earth Day:

Today, the world will have a date for the 50th party, which is known as the Golden Jubilee, which makes this day more special, as the golden jubilee combined with the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

What are the aspects of the celebration and can we participate?

 Earth Day is not limited to seminars, advertisements, campaigns and writings, but it also includes agricultural and cleaning campaigns.

 Any idea that is applicable anywhere in the world, no matter how small, will contribute to protecting the environment without a doubt, and from this point of view, a person can leave his beautiful impact in protecting the environment starting from himself, there are many actions that leave a great impact on the environment, some of which are recommended to be applied and some of them are advised. Avoid it... We mention:

- rationing water use.

- Rationalize the consumption of transportation.

- Increase the percentage of green areas around you.

- Electricity consumption rationalization.

- Reducing the amount of waste, especially plastic.

- Take care of animals.

- Interest in agriculture.

- Avoid poaching.

- Recycle or repair partially damaged items.

- Recycle paper.

Earth Day at Google:

The giant Google company and its branches are one of the supporters of the International Earth Day, and as usual, the Google search engine keeps pace with the most important human events in the world by adding some graphics to the word GOOGLE colored to symbolize the theme of the occasion, and this year Google added two drawings of a bee and a rose instead of the two letters (oo) in the middle of the word google, and the bee symbolizes the protection of the environment, as it pollinates a third of the world's crops and about 80% of the flowers, in addition to the honey it produces without any harm to the environment.

Image of World Earth Day
Image of Earth Day

Google search engine logo on the occasion of Earth Day

How were the events this year?

Of course, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), most of the events will be restricted this year to internet pages, and the land will be missed for the gatherings of environmental protection activists and supporters, such as holding awareness seminars, popular celebrations, or voluntary actions such as agriculture and cleaning campaigns, or the application of any idea to support the protection of the environment .. Hopefully The next event, on April 22, 2021, will be better off.

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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