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The wonderful Hibiscus rose, how to take care it

Hibiscus Roses - AWRAQ Community Leaves

One of the beautiful plants that I recommend having at home is the wonderful Hibiscus flower, which is famous for its red color, and there are several other colors such as yellow, white, blue and purple.

The wonderful Hibiscus rose

The hibiscus flower is odorless, but its attractive appearance is heart-warming.

About the Hibiscus plant:

The Hibiscus plant can live in a small pot, but the larger pot is better than small if you like more flowers, and it can become a medium-sized tree if it is planted directly in the garden.

The life cycle of a rose is short, it lives for about 24 hours, but hardly one withers and another blooms.

The size of this rose can be about the size of a fist.

As for the shape of the flower, it is distinctive, resembling a bell, as it consists of five contiguous petals, and in the middle of it is a relatively long tube that ends with yellow seeds.

As for the growth of the plant, it is considered fast-growing, and its flowers begin to bloom in late spring and in the summer and autumn seasons.

Hibiscus leaves are large, oval, slightly rough to the touch, with serrated edges, and have a beautiful bright green color.

Hibiscus loves moisture and warmth, as it is tropical in source and spread in coastal cities and often in the form of trees there, which may reach a height of five meters or more.

Colors of Hibiscus Roses - AWRAQ
Colors of Hibiscus Roses

Interest in Hibiscus:

As for taking care of it, it is preferable to fertilize it in the fall and winter and add iron to the soil, and that its soil is well drained.

And it should be placed in a well-lit place, preferably exposed to direct sunlight for a period of about 4-8 hours a day.

In the event of a strong frost, it is recommended that it be covered or brought into the house until the frost ends, especially if it is small in size.

As for high temperatures, they are well tolerant of heat, but in the event of a significant increase in temperatures, you should not neglect and leave them under the sun at noon in particular, which leads to the great drying of the soil, which could lead to its death.

Finally, attention should be paid to the possibility of being infected with green or black aphids, which can be eliminated by spraying insecticides.

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Prepared by Aram Saadia

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