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The memory of the polio vaccine discovery by Dr. Jonas Salk


Dr. Jonas Salk - AWRAQ Community Leaves

Doctor Jonas Salk discovers the polio vaccine on 3/26/1955

Who is Jonas Salk:

He was born in New York City on 10/28/1914, and studied high school there and continued his university studies until he graduated from New York University's Faculty of Medicine in June 1939.

Dr. Jonas Salk is a scientist and researcher who developed the first successful trial of the polio vaccine (named after his name Salk).

Jonas Salk did not seek, through this great discovery, to obtain wealth or fame even though he could have obtained it easily if he had a monopoly on this vaccine with a pharmaceutical company, and he refused in his statements to attribute a patent to the polio vaccine to him.

Doctor Jonas Salk passed away on 6/23/1995 in the United States of America.

What is polio or (poliomyelitis):

A highly contagious viral disease that invades the nervous system. Its severity ranges from a simple infection to a disease accompanied by flaccid paralysis in the extremities, especially the lower part of the body.

The virus enters the human body through the mouth and multiplies in the intestine due to direct contact with a person carrying the virus and to a lesser extent through contaminated water and food, and the virus remains in the feces of a person carrying it for several weeks, and individuals infected with the virus and who do not show symptoms of the disease can transmit Virus to others.

The primary symptoms of the disease are fever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, neck stiffness, and pain in the extremities.

One in 200 infections leads to paralysis (usually the legs).

Between (5% - 10%) of people with paralysis die because their respiratory muscles stop functioning.

The first Polio vaccine:

Doctor Salk tried in the late forties to apply his research on monkeys, and his vaccine was a dead virus, and he failed in his first experiments in 1954 when he injected (2) million children approximately, but (260) children were infected, and (11) died, and Salk remained He developed his research on injection serum until he announced his great discovery to the world in 1955.

Then doctor Albert Sabin in 1957 began his research and experiments in the world to develop the idea of ​​Doctor Salk, so he made the virus weakened (reduced) and not dead and in the form of drops in the mouth and not injection, until doctors in the United States began using this vaccine in 1961, after a year after Sabine prepared for it.

Polio Vaccine
Polio Vaccine

Timing of vaccine doses approved today:

Most children receive oral polio vaccine doses (2 drops) at the following ages:

Two months, then at four months, then between the ages of 6 months and 18 months, then between the ages of 4 years and 6 years, that is, when children enter school.

The effect of Doctors Salk and Sabine in improving the view of the American community of Jews:

Saving millions of children in the world, starting from the place where this vaccine was discovered in America, and then dealing with the amazing results humanely, far from monopolizing this vaccine and exploiting its sale, has contributed to improving the American society’s view of the Jews, as scholars Salk and Sabine were Jews and that was an obstacle. In front of them (at the time) at the university and then in obtaining a job and practicing the profession of medicine and then doing research and experiments, so that Sabine himself had to change his real surname from Saperstein to Sabine in order to disguise his Jewish origin.

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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