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5 risks are damaging your laptop, you should avoid them!


5 risks are damaging your laptop - AWRAQ Community Leaves.

Many technology users and the Internet world love laptops, because they can simply be moved from one place to another, and this is the most important advantage of these computers, in addition to the ability to work with them without directly connecting to electricity by relying on their batteries, which they operate for a varying period of time. To three hours or more, depending on the type of laptop and battery life, but nevertheless there are some risks that may cause damage to the laptop.

Therefore, we will talk about the most common of these risks for users:

Warning: Five risks on your laptop

1 - Transportation and Movement:

Although the laptop has been designed to be carried from one place to another and continue working with it in different circumstances without being restricted to one place, this useful feature may pose a risk to the laptop, as there are possibilities of it falling and breaking it, whether in the general structure or the screen.

Also, HDD (data storage places) may suffer damage as they are affected by violent movements and vibration.

2 - Eating and drinking:

Perhaps most people do not abide by the safety conditions of electronic devices in general and specifically computers in terms of avoiding eating and drinking when working on the devices, because the spillage of drinks such as water, coffee and tea on the laptop would be a direct cause of complete or partial failure such as the keyboard malfunction and the location of moving the mouse cursor, This is why we recommend that you keep food and drinks away from around the appliances.

5 risks are damaging your laptop - AWRAQ Community Leaves

3- Forgetting or theft:

The possibility of forgetting your laptop in public places such as offices and cafes remains a possibility, especially after the devices have become lighter and thinner.

Also, the laptop is a target for thieves, as it is small and expensive, so you must always pay attention and caution, especially when leaving the laptop in the car or wandering in the markets or late at night.

4- Dust and dirt:

Despite the importance of the ventilation openings that are usually on the edges of the laptop body, which are considered to repel heat resulting from the work and friction of the internal parts, it may enter an amount of dust into the body of the device, especially if the office or the place of the laptop is dirty and full of dust.

The accumulation of dust on the internal fans will make them slower in carrying out their task in addition to emitting an annoying sound, and the dust accumulated on small electronic parts will definitely affect their temperature rise and thus defect their performance and possibly damage them. Therefore, be careful to look at the inside of the devices whenever you get the opportunity, and you will surely be surprised by the amount of dust ..

5 risks are damaging your laptop - AWRAQ

5- Fabrics and blankets:

Leaving the laptop on the bed or sofa will lead to a high temperature due to the blockage of the ventilation openings due to the unevenness of the surface of fabrics such as hard surfaces, in addition to the feature of fabrics in storing heat, all of this can lead to damage to the internal parts of the laptop, especially the battery and processor.

In the end, we say that the laptop, like other electronic devices, needs attention and cleanliness, because that will extend its life span while maintaining good performance throughout its presence with you.

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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