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6 steps for overcoming adversity and obstacles


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It is said: (Even in the worst of adversity, you may find enough good to enable you to endure adversity)

If there were no difficulties in life, we would not have known a life of comfort and stability.

Our life is full of moments of happiness and joy, and in return there are many difficulties and tribulations, for life is changing and not fixed, so is life whether we like it or not, we cannot change this reality, but it is possible to learn some mechanisms that will help us overcome adversities and problems, cope with them and overcome them.

Overcoming adversity and obstacles in 6 steps

So today, we will talk about 6 tips that will help you face difficult circumstances:

1- Accept your reality:

 Whoever wants to live in stability must accept his reality, because lack of acceptance of adversities makes dealing with them more difficult and leads us into a state of frustration and sadness, so we must accept reality and think about how to strive to confront adversity, and once acceptance is our first step to overcome it.

2- Control your thoughts:

The human being by nature always hears the events and thinks about the worst. Therefore, we must reduce these negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts, thus training the mind to be optimistic and thinking positively.

Try to calm down, relax, take a deep breath, think about the present and the future, and focus on the goal, not the past, because it has passed, so as not to remain captive to sorrows and regret.

3- Focus on your strengths:

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. When we focus on weaknesses, we forget that we have capabilities and talents and succumb to sadness and pain, so we must focus on strengths to enhance self-confidence and increase skill and creativity to overcome adversity and obstacles.

4- Seek support from the ocean:

A person is social by nature and has different relationships. It is okay to seek help and advice from relatives or friends, especially those you trust, as they see your ordeal from a different angle, and they may give you solutions that you did not think of.

5- Reading:

 Reading opens up new horizons for you of thinking and inspires you to creative solutions and opens your insight on things that may be forgotten or absent from you, and reading increases your knowledge and understanding of things and grasp and control them.

6- be patient:

Patience is the key to relief, as patience will prevent you from rushing to make decisions and taking risks.

And be aware that these ordeals and obstacles are temporary and will inevitably disappear with the passage of time, and by applying these steps you will surpass your ordeal no matter what it is, and you will succeed to reach stability and enjoy a happy life :)

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