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8 tips to make you and your children enjoy home gardening


Eight tips to children enjoy home gardening - AWRAQ Community Leaves

The presence of children around you when you are working in agriculture has always worried you, you are afraid that children will make movements that harm the plants and flowers, but have you thought about involving children in planting and taking care of the garden or balcony, and do you think they do not want that?

Be sure that taking care of home gardens is an enjoyable activity for your children, enhancing their abilities and developing a feeling of love and respect for nature.

Eight tips to help you make your children

enthusiastic for home gardening

1- Choose the right plants:

Children are more likely to choose brightly colored plants and flowers, so they have a variety of plants. Examples of bright flowers are ornamental plants (Petunia, Carnation, Mentor, Hibiscus, Cute Alum, Fish Mouth ...) These will keep your children fascinated by their bright colors, don't forget the sunflower. But make sure that these plants will not cause any allergic reactions from your child.

2- Participation in sowing plant seeds:

Give your children the freedom to help you choose the seeds and then plant them. Some seeds may be very small, and this makes children more able than you to grasp and count them due to the smallness of their fingers and their eyesight, as many times they need a certain number of seeds.

3- Monitor plant growth and listen to their questions:

There is no doubt that you will be exposed to many questions during your work with children such as (what kind, and how much will you need to grow up, do you eat, where did you get it...), so be patient and do not skimp on the children with scientific answers, and in case you do not have Answer, tell them I do not know and I will search for the answer and I will be happy if you search with me for the answer via the Internet or by asking people with experience.

4- Make sure the planting site is visible to children and easily accessible:

 Before you start planting, choose a suitable place that your children can see from the room, if possible, and that it is a safe and easy place to reach. This will make them notice the changes in plant growth and be proud of their achievement whenever they see it in front of them, especially when the flowers bloom or start to smell.

5- Playing with the soil:

Always remember that children are fond of playing with soil or clay. They can help you prepare the soil, even if what they do is only trample on clumps. And to make gardening in home gardens or balconies more fun for children, you can provide them with tools of a suitable size for them to make home gardens very attractive to them.

6- Expecting the shape of flowers and their colors:

After sowing the seeds, watering and cleaning the place, you can pose a challenge among the children by asking them about their expectations about what will be the shape and color of the flowers that will grow, God willing.

Children will write their expectations on a board called "garden board", and the most beautiful of that is that they draw flowers for the near future.

7- Playing with water and watering:

Playing with water is present with playing with soil. Find a bucket or small watering container that can be used to water their lawn. You can show them how to let the water go directly to the plant's roots.

We do not recommend the use of hoses, as children cannot control them completely, and thus this will increase water consumption and fill the place with mud.

8- And finally, arranging the place from the mess and cleaning it up:

Giving children some freedom to cultivate and share their small garden design will leave behind a lot of mess and dirt.

And sometimes adults lose patience with that. Therefore, we recommend that you give children the opportunity to enjoy this mess in the garden or balcony, and then make removing it and arranging the place a challenge for them, and there is nothing wrong with giving them a reward after your implementation, for example a glass of cold juice they drink cleanly...

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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