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5 correct actions that may save you from disasters and dangers

5 correct actions during disasters and dangers
Accidents and disasters often do not give us much time to think and act on how to confront them and avoid harm that may claim our lives, as did the earthquakes in the Turkish city of Izmir last month.

And because we often do not know when and how these accidents and accidents will come, so we must take caution and beware of them, and this is through prior knowledge of what we will do in terms of actions and reactions during their occurrence, with dependence on God Almighty.

5 correct actions to prevent and protect from disasters and accidents

1- Lie on the ground during explosions:

 During the explosions, shrapnel, which are small metal pieces, are produced from the disintegration of solid objects, whether they are made of the explosive material or objects close to the explosion, such as glass, metal, and cement, and they fly with great speed and high heat leading to penetration of human bodies and severely injuring them and even other objects such as cars, walls, and trees .. Therefore the action is The correct thing when explosions occur is to lie down on the ground and put your hands on your head and point your face towards the ground, because the shrapnel is flying upward, not downward, with the possibility that they will fall later, after losing their great speed and high temperature. And then you wait until things are settled and clear.

2- Squatting or lying down during the fire in an enclosed space:

 You should know that the fire is looking for oxygen to keep it burning, as it extends upwards and therefore toxic smoke is dense at the top, so you must descend to the bottom quickly because the chance of breathing in the air and clarity of vision is better. Therefore, if the fire is in a room, for example, the smart behavior is to lie down and crawl towards the place of escape or other rooms, with caution when opening closed doors, it is possible to hide behind it a bigger fire than in your room you are in. And always remember that help and firefighters are coming to you.

3- Standing at the house's columns (jambs) in the event of earthquakes or building collapses:

When earthquakes occur, it is advised to go immediately to the stronger areas in the building, and of course the most powerful ones are the jambs or pillars, which are made of cement, gravel and iron, and if these places are not available, then you should head towards the corner of the rooms. And if the opportunity is available to get out of the building, think about it and act quickly, so the option to stay away from buildings, trees and billboards, meaning whatever might fall, remains the most appropriate solution to escape without harm.

4- Do not turn your back on predators and run to escape from them:

If you encounter a predator in the wild or forest, do not think about running and running away from it, because for most of the animals it will make you appear weak and afraid in front of them and thus will attack you with the aim of defending themselves from you and keeping you away from it or predation, which is rare. Most of the human accidents with animals were due to the animals ’fear of the responses. Human actions or their proximity to their places of living, which causes danger to them or their young. The correct behavior is to confront the animal without looking with their eyes in a challenging and provocative look, but keep walking and keep calm without confusion as much as possible until reaching a safe place or hiding in a place until the animal moves away.

5- Going into closed buildings in the event of lightning strikes:

When a rainstorm starts that contains heavy thunder and lightning while you are outside the house, it is advised to go to closed buildings because they are safer from the outside (and stay away from everything that can transmit electricity in them, such as iron window frames, water pipes, electrical boxes or landlines ..) And if you do not find a building to shelter inside, stay away from trees, columns, metal fences and everything vertical, because lightning strikes are attracted to such objects in order to discharge their electrical charges in them.

We hope safety for everyone, God willing..

Prepared by Aram Saadia



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