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4 Freedom Limits

 Freedom is the ability of the individual to make a decision or select a choice from several options available to him, without constraint or condition, or under any threat.

Freedom is a broad word, so does the phrase "I am free" mean that there are no limits that stop me, and I can do whatever I want anywhere, and at any time ?!

The Four Limits of Freedom

In fact, yes, you are free and do what you want, but within limits, and it is ..

1- Religious limit:

 Most of us have a religion or sect to which they belong, and as long as they have a religion that belongs to them, they must follow its teachings, methodology and behavior. When you make a decision, it should not conflict with your religion to which you belong. In the event that a person is unable to adhere to the teachings, methodology, and behavior of the religion to which he belongs for some reason, he must respect the limits of the religion of others around him in his society.

2- moral limit:

 Morals contain many traits and qualities, and everyone has them, but in varying proportions from one person to another, and this goes back to the moral principles that he was brought up on or acquired during his life, and when you stand for a while at options in your life, you must take into account the moral limit and the principles that stick and work by.

Example: A young man in the prime of life loves singing and loud voice. He drives around in his car every day loudly raising the volume of songs. Is this behavior correct and is he free and has the right to do as he pleases ?? ..

I will leave you to discuss this behavior.

3- Legal limit:

 Each of us lives in a part of this land, in a country in the world, and every country has its own laws and constitution that protect all citizens, so when we make a decision, action or behavior, we have to go back to the law and we must not contradict the law that we are under protection.

4- Healthy limit:

 As it is said, “Health is a crown on the heads of healthy people that only the sick can see.” Many of us especially in the youth stage are full of vitality and activity, so they work and make their decisions without reviewing whether this matter affects his health, does it affect the health of others, and can any harm be inflicted on him Or others? An example of this is "smoking."

Always when we make any decision or do any behavior, we have to discuss and calibrate it with the four limits of freedom that we mentioned (the religious limit - the moral limit - the legal limit - the healthy limit) and measure it on us and on others.

We must set these limits in mind and in every place we are (home, work, the road, ourselves ...), this makes it easier for us to make decisions and follow the correct behavior after simulating the four limits of freedom.

The application of the four limits of freedom in raising children:

We can also work with these four boundaries in raising our children from childhood, making it easier for them to learn and work with them, and this leads to setting self-controls for their behavior that make it easier for us to deal with them, and make it easier for them to deal with parents and others with respect, which will benefit them and become more integrated into society. ..

Prepared by Ayoush Rahmow

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