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Between nostalgic moments and memories

Between nostalgic moments and memories - AWRAQ Community Papers

Why does the past captivate us between moments of nostalgia and memories despite the fact that the past was not in the lives of many people rosy and trouble-free as most of us imagine it, and as the age progresses and gray seeps into the heads or the days go away or the destinies separate us from those who were an integral part of our memories ..?

Between nostalgic moments and memories

It is nostalgia for the beautiful past, and that feeling of reassurance that overwhelms you when you go to your old home, turn over your memory papers, or look at your pictures with family and friends, and retrieve the memories bar and how your daily life was at school, the street and the university, and how it was and became the habits and morals of people..

Childhood and youth:

All of us long for this past, (the time of childhood and youth free of responsibilities and fears), all of us see them as warm days in the depth of relations between family, friends and neighbors, each of us when he sees those who were part of the days of his childhood and youth, even if he did not interact with them, there is no doubt that he is happy with them. They are all part of his beautiful past.

Did you know that nostalgia has a scientific origin?

None of us (especially those who are old) do not wish for a moment of happiness that eases the troubles of their present, but rather a return to a special place from their past.

Today, scientists discovered for the first time this feeling in the brain using magnetic resonance imaging and proved that nostalgia by retrieving memories of special times in your life is very important for a person's mental health, and that nostalgia gives a positive charge to the human brain as it stirs their emotions, the study says For example, the place where a person gets married makes the emotional significance greater compared to the wedding ceremony, and the study was able for the first time to prove the physical and emotional benefits of the importance of returning to the past and remembering beautiful events as there is a close relationship between people and places, which is often difficult to describe Verbally.

Allah's blessings upon humans:

This condition is a blessing from God’s blessings on humans. Scientists describe it as a defense mechanism that the mind uses to raise the mood and improve the psychological state. It abounds in cases of boredom or pain due to the denial of the favor to those whom he loved and worked with, or the feeling of loneliness, especially among the elderly, so the mind invokes memories The goodness of the past, with its warmth and emotions, those memories give him the dose he needs to meet the challenges of the present.

The past we did not live:

Pictures and films of the sixties and seventies may lead us to nostalgia for the past that we did not even live in, nostalgia for the spirit of friendliness between the people of the village and the neighborhood, their morals and magnanimity, high life and good taste in literature and the arts, quiet life and clean streets, good, clear souls, family bonding, and beautiful faces without powder ... it's clean life. Longing ignites when we come across or talk to those who were parties and eyewitnesses to the beautiful past, and we quickly exchange with them a dialogue that is not without words Do you remember..?


We love memories because in a mysterious way they make us feel we were the best!

It is true that the souls have changed and blinded by interests and positions, and that the civilization that dressed people with the finest types of clothing but stripped them of human values ​​!!, and that the technology that made social media and mobile phones closer to a vein, but deliberately cut off from communicating with comrades, past and present. Nevertheless, the extravagance of nostalgia for the past should not take us to the point that we are lost in dealing with the present and destroying the future.

The bottom line:

Memories are beautiful and the past is joyful, but the past should be remembered and not lived in forever, because it is over..!

Prepare a Ezdihar Rahmow

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