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From honesty to respect, the most important qualities of morals that successful relationships need

From honesty to respect, the most important qualities of morals - AWRAQ
A question posed on one of the social networking pages: What is the characteristic that a person needs to maintain his relationship with others?
The answers were like (honesty, honesty, loyalty, commitment to good morals, sacrifice, and most of all respect)

The most important attributes of ethics that successful relationships need

Good morals such as honesty, honesty, fulfillment of a promise, non-cheating and non-deception are important in our life. The motivation to adhere to morals may be different from one person to another, and ethics is of great importance in a person’s life because of its great impact on his behavior and the actions that he makes, and because man’s behavior is consistent with the meanings and qualities of the tree’s branches related to their roots in the ground. If the original fix is ​​correct the branch.
Ethics is an essential pillar in the life of a person, individually and as a group, and it is a human necessity necessary for the life of societies, without which a healthy social life cannot be established.

Honesty (Truthful):

The importance of being honest, whether in the lives of individuals or human societies, lies because of its many positive effects. Honesty is the mirror of the heart, because it expresses the cleanliness of the heart of a sincere person with his good self and pure spirit, and one of the most important feats of honesty and its positive effects is the creation of trust and love among people. Honesty is a cooperative, loving and productive community, as its members deal honestly with each other and trust each other, which enhances the spirit of harmony, cooperation and solidarity among members of society, and one of the most important characteristics of civilized and developed societies is the sincerity of conversation, honesty in action, honesty in appointments, and fulfilling promises. And commitment to contracts, performance of rights, honesty commitment leads to success and success.


It is an ethical social characteristic of devotion to a cause or something with pure sincerity. Loyalty is the basis of truthfulness, and not all sincerity is loyalty, for loyalty may be an act without saying, and truthfulness is only in saying. In other words, loyalty is a beautiful human quality. When a person reaches it, he reaches one of the stages of the human soul reaching its virtues, and loyalty is that quality that is enjoyed by people of good taste and generous character.

Fidelity (Honesty):

It is one of the most beautiful qualities of morals that a person possesses, and fidelity has many aspects, as the secret is a trust, the body is a trust, and you save money other than you is a trust, children are trust, and you enjoy your offer and your family’s offer, and your work is a trust. And dishonesty is just like a spider's web, when people fall into this web, the results cost them dearly, while the one who makes a decision to be honest in all areas of his life has chosen the right decision, for how many lives have been destroyed? How many relationships faded due to dishonesty?


In recent times, due to the pressures of life, we see many of our homes whose inhabitants live under one roof and share the same air, and the same walls gather them, but nevertheless they do not live together, the place unites them and their feelings are not combined, each one of them isolated from the other, miserable homes, even if they seem coherent , Cold with their feelings. Sacrifice was absent from much of our house, so we missed a beautiful picture, and this is one of the most beautiful images of sacrifices:

When everyone wakes up in the morning and every member of the family performs work, the burden is relieved of the mother and the fatal feeling that inhabits many mothers leaves her, that the husband and children are exploiting her and no one sacrifices some effort and time for her sake. In this wonderful situation, every member of the family thinks about others before himself, as the father does not buy what he wants to meet each member of his family's needs, and the mother does not ask her husband for anything, and if she does, she first makes sure that her children are not missing anything. In this picture, a father who does not spare his time on his family, does not put all the burdens on his wife, a father who knows how to balance his work and his family duties, and a mother like a candle lights for all her family members, and the children do not forget in the midst of their ambitions that they belong to a home and a family that deserves some time and effort from them. How amazing is the one that was destroyed in many homes! The sacrifice absent from many of our homes is not a single value, it is a wonderful tapestry of values ​​in which the threads of cooperation, belonging, love, tolerance, certainty, sincerity and awareness of the great goal of the family gathered together, and it was an integrated fabric that was unfortunately torn apart in most homes!


 It is the way of life, because love and respect are essential factors for any correct relationship between individuals, and if one of them is absent, a defect may occur in the relationship depending on the nature of that relationship. The marital relationship is based on love and respect and the relationship between family members must also be based on love and respect. To be based primarily on respect and appreciation, as respect must be done in all transactions and with all individuals, whether we love them or not, or even those who do not deal well with others, so respect for others does not come through indoctrination or through education and study, but rather comes mainly from education At a young age. A culture of respect is a requirement everywhere, not only in the workplace, but for everyone, in all times, circumstances and situations, and with all people. And respect grows with us and grows with it, and for us it is like air and water, and we raise generations on it to make our lives enjoy respect and appreciation day after day.

So we can answer the question we asked at the beginning briefly:

In order for any relationship to continue with others, this relationship must be based on honesty, honesty, loyalty, sacrifice and respect, and no quality can be dispensed with, because each one complements the other.
Prepared by Izdehar Rahmow


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