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5 Activities for children.. fun and useful

5 Activities for children - AWRAQ Community Papers

Guiding the child through play to acquire new skills and develop old ones is a great idea that makes many parents look for activities that achieve this goal instead of playing just for fun.

Five activities for children, fun and useful

Therefore, we have gathered here for you five activities that can be easily applied with kids and do not need complicated tools that are difficult to obtain or expensive, but are available in all homes.

1- Prohibited movement:

Participants: an unlimited number.

Expected time: from (1) to (5) minutes.

How to play:

The supervisor identifies a certain movement for the participants and asks them to imitate all his movements except for that one, then he begins to perform some of the movements while they imitate him, and suddenly he abandons the forbidden movement.

It is best to assign a monitor to the participants to control movement and not cheat.

2- Collecting the largest balance:

Participants: an unlimited number.

Expected time: from (5) to (10) minutes.

Tools required: (10) red papers, (10) blue papers, (10) green papers, (10) white papers. (Of course, the number of sheets and the assortment of colors is optional.)

How to play:

 a number of participants (one from each team) are selected and their eyes are closed with pieces of cloth, then colored papers are thrown so that each color has a specific value, for example (red = 10, blue = 20), and the participants with their eyes closed in a larger group. A number of cards, and their colleagues can guide them to the place of the cards, and the winner is the one who accumulates the largest balance.

3- Blind and Orange:

Participants: preferably two for each round of play.

Expected time: from (1) - (2) minutes.

Tools required: 2 small bowls, 6 oranges, cloth to cover the eyes of the participants.

How to play:

- Two of the contestants are chosen, and two small containers shall be placed next to each of them, and six jars are placed next to each.

- Then they cover their eyes after they know the distance.

- Each of them, after announcing the start, must carry an orange and place it in the container, then return to carry another and so on.

- It is a condition that it does not carry more than one, and the winner is the one who is able to place all the oranges in his bowl before the other.

(Of course you can change oranges with balls or something else)

4- Fill the cup with water:

Participants: one from each team.

Expected time: from (2) to (5) minutes.

Tools required: two bowls for each team, a cup for each team, spoons.

How to play:

 The player is asked to put a spoon in his mouth and fill an empty cup with water from a bowl that is placed at the starting line, then place the cup on the spoon and place his hands behind his back, and head to the finish line in which there is a large empty bowl to pour in the water of the cup and place his hands behind He is noon, and the winner is the one who transfers the largest amount of water at the specified time and requires that all teams be played at the same time.

5- Walking step by step:

Participants: an unlimited number.

Expected time: from (1) to (5) minutes.

Tools Needed: Two pieces of cardboard for each participant.

How to play:

 A starting line and an end line are placed at a distance of (10-15) meters, and each player is given two pieces of square-shaped cardboard, for example, so that he holds the first and puts the second on the ground, then jumps slightly over the second and then grabs the second paper. Then he takes the second card on which he was standing, and so on.. And the winner is the one who first reaches the finish line without stepping directly on the ground, but always above the cards.

Prepared by Aram Saadia

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