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Walk on the assets for getting a perfect social relationships...


Walk on the assets for getting a perfect social relationships - AWRAQ Community Papers

Today we will start by talking about social relationships and their importance in our lives.

It is known as the correlations between two or more individuals, and it is the basis for building society, and the main subject of the analyzes carried out by sociologists.

As social relationships have a great impact on a person’s life over his life span, studies have shown that a person who enjoys positive social relationships enjoys better health and lives a happier life, and whoever lives a closed individual life suffers from invisible toxins that harm his health, and lives a depressing life. .

If you want to reach ... Walk on the assets

Social relationships include family relationships, friendship, professional relationships, and various relationships with others.

Studies say that there are features of social relationships, including:

Emotional features:

It gives us emotional support and encouragement in difficult times, it also gives us the feeling of happiness and introduces joy and pleasure into our hearts.

Physical features:

Whereas, in times of adversity, we find people close to us seek to provide assistance for us in meeting our material needs (money, food, clothing, etc.).

Health features:

Studies have shown that the more positive social relations with an individual, the greater his happiness, which leads to his obtaining more physical health.

Psychological features:

The presence of relatives and friends around us helps us reduce feelings of tension and nervousness through the happiness and relaxation that positive social relationships give us.

How can we create these features in our life?

To create these features in our life, we recommend paying attention to positive social relationships, expanding their scope, activating them, and strengthening them with love and trust, fixing what needs to be fixed, and carrying out our duties before we ask others for their duties, and we must not neglect a relative, friend or colleague, and we must gain who we did not know, and our baptism In that love and trust, there is good in that for the individual and society as a whole.

Prepared by Ayoush Rahmow

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