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Important advice for building successful family relationships

Important advice for building successful family relationships - AWRAQ Community Papers

Continuing with the previous article, Walk on the assets for getting a perfect social relationships..., which talk in general about social relations, today we will start our conversation in the main circle, which is the family consisting of the father, mother and children.

Important advice for building successful family relationships

Relationship between spouses:

This relationship must be based on love, affection, sharing responsibilities, burdens, leadership, understanding and honesty from the stage of courtship, as many people at this stage show their best efforts to attract each other, which affects their lives negatively after marriage, where each party will act naturally, which shows some of the things that She was absent during the engagement period, no one has complete attributes, which makes the difference clear between the two parties, so we must develop the thought of accepting and understanding the other and finding a formula for positively coping and coexistence, in order to avoid many quarrels and quarrels that create because of the difference between them, and knowing both parties if They were really able to adapt and coexist with this difference and create forms of understanding, and here we mean the laws and rules that secure living in a more or less stable way, so that the family had a right start.

Mother and father relationship with children:

When the family grows up and is blessed with offspring, there are several rules that the spouses must agree upon, and we mention some of them:


 When disputes and quarrels are in front of the eyes and ears of children, they may give an indication to the child that the father’s presence in the house is the reason behind these disagreements. At times when the father is absent from the house, the house is quiet, and as soon as the father returns to the house with noise and screaming, the father and mother must therefore Knowing the seriousness of the quarrel in front of children, and it is better for them to be in a room alone, away from children watching them, and taking into account the discussion in a low voice as possible.

Different views on raising children:

This is very normal due to the difference mainly between the environment and the upbringing of the mother and the father, but we have to pay attention to the results that appear on the children as a result of the difference in viewpoints, for example if the mother tends to be severe and strict and the father tends to yen and pamper the child, it often results in the child's tendency to the soft side And fulfilling the desires and avoiding the strict and strict party, for this we must lay the foundations for dealing with children and raising them without penetration or bypassing them by one of the parties (mother and father).

Respect and appreciation:

 In the absence of one of the parents, it is very important that one of them does not speak about the other and denounce his actions inappropriately in front of the children, which causes the children to lose respect for one of the parties when they are aware and aware with time, so it is necessary to build a marital relationship based on mutual respect far from reducing the status of one of the spouses For the other in front of the children, and thus it will result in the children respecting their parents.

Unconditional love:

 And among its forms, satisfying the child with cuddling and love without return, such as saying (I love you) instead of (I love you because you made your bed), it is necessary to clarify the concept of love in its correct form away from interest and benefit.

Being distracted from children:

 The failure of parents to allocate time to their children, and not to give them some attention and ask about their conditions and feelings, and to hear their problems and the events they are living in, generates a feeling in the child of remoteness and lack of sense of him and his problems and demands, so he finds in front of him nothing but loneliness or resort to another person from outside the family who shows interest in him, This leads to the disintegration of the ties of the Holy Family in the Arab community.

Cultivate confidence

It is necessary to work on enhancing the child's self-confidence from the earliest stages of education, so that he may be a young, confident and successful future.

Integration of the child into society:

 And it will be positive in terms of teaching him how to build relationships with friends and relatives enjoying comfort and based on love, away from selfishness, jealousy and quarrels.

Motivate the child:

 That is, rewarding him for a good achievement or deed that he did to encourage him to continue positively, and this reward is not necessarily material, such as gifts and games, it may be moral, such as praising him in front of others and visiting loved ones.

Involving children in responsibilities:

 And by assigning them to daily tasks commensurate with their capabilities to develop a sense of responsibility.

Now let's move to the big family, specifically the relationship with the husband's family and the wife's family:

In many families, they consider that the spouses at the beginning of their lives do not fail in married life, so they intervene with the intention of directing, so what happens then ?!

When the husband’s family intervenes, for example, they express themselves and what they desire and what is appropriate for them, and not what the husband wants (of course with good intention), and also when the wife’s family intervenes, so the spouses must be given confidence and the opportunity at the beginning of their life to form a new entity, which may differ A little or a lot about the husband's family or the wife's family.

It is imperative that an atmosphere of acceptance and respect prevail between both families and that there be an understanding to accommodate the new entity that is not identical to them, so that we can enjoy an understanding society that accepts differences between people.

Prepared Ayoush Rahmow

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