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Possess of Feeling, and ways to control emotions

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Feelings and emotions are an essential part of our daily life, some of which happen frequently, such as laughing at a text message or a funny post on social media pages, or frustration with some of the things that we encounter in our daily life, such as traffic congestion at rush hour, and some happen at intervals and are more intense, such as sadness or Anger at the actions of others and others ..

Possess of Feeling, and ways to control emotions

Feelings and emotions remain a normal matter as long as they are under control, as long as they are appropriate to the situation and do not affect the psychological stability of the person.

How to control your emotions:

Control and control of emotions is not difficult, but it requires some effort and self-training, and with every step a person takes in trying to control his feelings, his communication skills with others will develop, and things will become easier, and his vision for life is better, and he will make sure that his choice to live happily is his right, Every one of us must be calm when confronting negative matters and feelings and do the things that he loves and focus on. Positive feelings motivate the person and make him work hard to reach the highest ranks and feel contented.

The art of managing emotions:

Emotion management is the ability to be aware of one's own feelings and sometimes to successfully understand, accept, and control other people's feelings.

The inability to regulate emotions and deal with them is the root cause of mental disorders, and the way you express your feelings affects how others see you and their impressions of you. A message you received during a serious business meeting this will piss off others. So, when we are under the control of our intense negative emotions, we are prone to error and disruption of abilities and skills greatly.

In light of the above, it becomes clear to us why most of the decisions people make during their intense emotions are wrong.

Tips of emotional management in our life:


And represented by the need to create an optimal way to deliver the message to the other party during self-expression.

Provide self-care

And that by avoiding completely playing a role that makes you a victim to search for the satisfaction of others.

Self-reconciliation and tolerance with it

Self-reconciliation is about acknowledging weaknesses and striving to eliminate and strengthen them.

Positive outlook on current feelings

It is possible to take things from the positive side so that we are more able to adjust our interpretations and our analysis of the situations and events facing us so that we can live in a normal way.

Prepared by Izdehar Rahmow

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