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Welcome to AWRAQ - Community Papers

working team currently includes four bloggers:

Aram Saadia: social researcher, director of the site.

Ayouch Rahmow: social researcher, worked in the field of combating gender-based violence.

Tala Hourani: psychologist, working in the field of combating gender-based violence.

Izdihar Rahmow: social researcher, working in the field of teaching and education.

The blog includes several cultural sections: 

1- Family and Society: Advice on building and improving social relations, time management, behaviors, childhood and adolescence issues and everything related to the family.

2- General Culture: We published articles talking about history, literature, books, science, and educational information about contemporary societal needs, such as how to deal with the Corona epidemic today.

3- Motivation: topics on motivation, human development, motivations, inspiration, and self-improvement.

4- Technology: the most important topics of new technology and applications.

5- Mix: Articles on various topics such as agriculture, occasions and holidays, education and study.

6- Followers' posts: We publish topics prepared by followers and send them to us after review and approval.

Our vision:

Our vision is summarized in Community Papers to publish diverse, valuable and useful cultural content that elevates our followers in the world.

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