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Possess of Feeling, and ways to control emotions
Feelings and emotions are an essential part of our daily life, some of which happen frequently, such as laughing at a text message or a funn...
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Between nostalgic moments and memories
AWRAQ Com1 30 November 2020
Why does the past captivate us between moments of nostalgia and memories despite the fact that the past was not in the lives of many people ...
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Intellectual maturity, what it is and what it is related to and how to be intellectually mature
AWRAQ Com1 24 November 2020
  Intellectual maturity, what is it and what is it related to? What is intellectual maturity? Intellectual maturity is defined as the arriva...
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What is The Social Phobia .. and what is its treatment?
AWRAQ 12 November 2020
The Social Phobia  Social anxiety disorder or what is called social phobia is an anxiety disorder. A person with this type of disorder exper...
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The treasure of the golden king Tutankhamun
AWRAQ 09 November 2020
The Egyptian Pharaoh whose tomb was left standing without damage or theft  For more than three thousand years   Who is Tutankhamun: He is on...
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The Four Limits of Freedom
AWRAQ 09 November 2020
 Freedom is the ability of the individual to make a decision or select a choice from several options available to him, without constraint or...
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From honesty to respect, the most important qualities of morals that successful relationships need
AWRAQ 08 November 2020
A question posed on one of the social networking pages: What is the characteristic that a person needs to maintain his relationship with oth...
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  What is the difference in the concept of cleanliness between inside or outside the home ?!
AWRAQ 05 November 2020
It is assumed that there should not be much difference between the cleanliness of a person in his home and his cleanliness outside his home,...
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What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how important is it around the world?
AWRAQ 04 November 2020
After nearly ten years of consultations, negotiations and discussions between members of human rights committees representing almost all cou...
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The Memory of Marlon Brando offers a lesson in humanity and anti-racism
AWRAQ 31 October 2020
  3/27/1972 .. Marlon Brando  offers a lesson in humanity and anti-racism Who is Marlon Brando who refused to receive an Oscar: American act...
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Benefits of reading are more than you think!
AWRAQ 30 October 2020
When was the last time you read a book or article? Are you one of the many people who only read what has been published on social media? Are...
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 Six Thinking Hats, How to use it
AWRAQ 29 October 2020
The six thinking hats represent different ways of thinking, and it is a technique used to deal with problems and decisions from different po...
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