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Motivating Yourself,  Steps and Strategies for Self-motivation
AWRAQ Com1 23 November 2020
  It is very nice to find someone who constantly motivates you in your life as members of your family, teachers, friends, or managers, but w...
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5 Activities for children.. fun and useful
Guiding the child through play to acquire new skills and develop old ones is a great idea that makes many parents look for activities that a...
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Distance learning between the pros and cons, And how to raise students' morale
AWRAQ 29 October 2020
  In this difficult and unprecedented time with the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), and schools close their doors almost all over the ...
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6 steps for overcoming adversity and obstacles
AWRAQ 17 October 2020
  It is said: (Even in the worst of adversity, you may find enough good to enable you to endure adversity) If there were no difficulties in ...
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Happiness .. when and how do we feel it?
AWRAQ 26 September 2020
  Who among us does not suffer from tension and anxiety and is looking for happiness and reassurance in his life. Psychologists confirm that...
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