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Tools and targets of fake news on internet and social media pages
None of the Internet users and social media pages are aware of the extent of lying and fraud in the internet world that we have reached toda...
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Distance learning between the pros and cons, And how to raise students' morale
AWRAQ 29 October 2020
  In this difficult and unprecedented time with the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), and schools close their doors almost all over the ...
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Distance learning ..  9 best online training and tutorial sites
AWRAQ 27 October 2020
  There is no doubt that we spend a lot of time during the day on the Internet and most of it goes on social networking pages such as Facebo...
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5 risks are damaging your laptop,  you should avoid them!
AWRAQ 05 October 2020
  Many technology users and the Internet world love laptops, because they can simply be moved from one place to another, and this is the mos...
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Google Meet application has become free and easy to use
AWRAQ 23 September 2020
  Google Meet application has become free and easy to use   Google recently released its new program for communicating via video calls calle...
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