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Between nostalgic moments and memories
AWRAQ Com1 30 November 2020
Why does the past captivate us between moments of nostalgia and memories despite the fact that the past was not in the lives of many people ...
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5 Activities for children.. fun and useful
Guiding the child through play to acquire new skills and develop old ones is a great idea that makes many parents look for activities that a...
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The treasure of the golden king Tutankhamun
AWRAQ 09 November 2020
The Egyptian Pharaoh whose tomb was left standing without damage or theft  For more than three thousand years   Who is Tutankhamun: He is on...
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5 correct actions that may save you from disasters and dangers
AWRAQ 05 November 2020
Accidents and disasters often do not give us much time to think and act on how to confront them and avoid harm that may claim our lives, as ...
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What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how important is it around the world?
AWRAQ 04 November 2020
After nearly ten years of consultations, negotiations and discussions between members of human rights committees representing almost all cou...
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Learn and play five movement games for kids
AWRAQ 02 November 2020
Playing in children is an urgent need for the continuation of their healthy growth and increasing their mental skills, and due to the spread...
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The Memory of Marlon Brando offers a lesson in humanity and anti-racism
AWRAQ 31 October 2020
  3/27/1972 .. Marlon Brando  offers a lesson in humanity and anti-racism Who is Marlon Brando who refused to receive an Oscar: American act...
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Planting of beans is an opportunity not to miss during this month
AWRAQ 13 October 2020
In the month of October of each year, most farmers and agricultural lovers prepare for a new season of planting, and one of the most importa...
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The wonderful Hibiscus rose, how to take care it
AWRAQ 06 October 2020
One of the beautiful plants that I recommend having at home is the wonderful Hibiscus flower, which is famous for its red color, and there a...
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Classical music for better mental health
AWRAQ 04 October 2020
Who among us does not like music, especially classical music. Music is the language of the world. All cultures participate in making it from...
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The memory of the polio vaccine discovery by Dr. Jonas Salk
AWRAQ 03 October 2020
    Doctor Jonas Salk discovers the polio vaccine on 3/26/1955 Who is Jonas Salk: He was born in New York City on 10/28/1914, and studied hi...
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4 relaxation and meditation exercises that relieve daily stress and tension
AWRAQ 03 October 2020
  We are all exposed to stressful and disturbing situations during our daily life, from simple disturbances such as crowding to complex and ...
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